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Quinte Area Home Inspectors 

There are many qualified Home Inspectors in this area. We have compiled a list of those used and trusted by our clients. Home inspections are a valuable tool in making sure you know as much as possible about the home prior to committing to purchase it. Although an inspection is not a pass/fail system a qualified inspector will be able to point out items that will help you make an informed decision about proceeding with the purchase. 


Visit the Service Ontario site to get more valuable information on getting a home inspection. 

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These inspectors are IRP Approved

Richard Hutchinson  |  613 969-8556
The Home Team  
|  613 968-4114
Eldon Lee  
|  613-398-0184
Gil Strahan  
|  613-394-6954



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357 Front Street

Belleville, Ontario

K8N 2Z9

Off. 613.966.6060