Contact Information for Local Utilities

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Fuel Suppliers

Union Gas  |  1-888-774-3114
Tyendinaga Propane  |  613-967-7881
Gerow Propane  |  613-475-2414
Fergusson Energy Inc  
|  1-800-330-3325

Power Suppliers

Hydro One |  1-888-664-9376
Veridian Connections |  1-888-420-0070


Water Heater Rental Companies
Reliance Home Comfort |  613-546-3421
Direct Energy |  1-800-266-3939

Municipal Water and Sewer Services
Belleville  |  613-966-3651
Quinte West  |  613-392-2841  Ext. 4453 or 4451
Prince Edward County |  613-476-2148  Ext. 708



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